Introducing- Sandbar Shirt Company!

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Introducing- Sandbar Shirt Company!


A ridge of sand formed in a river or along a shore by the action of waves or currents.

That is the “definition” of a Sandbar.  But we define it as so much more.  It is a place to push up to with our boat, or paddle to on our kayak or board.  It could be a barrier island, it could be a spoil island, maybe is just a secluded spot on the main land, or maybe it’s only dry at low tide.  It is a place to play with the kids, party with friends, or just get away from everyone, alone by ourselves or with our close loved ones.  It’s a place that is special, often only available to a those with the means to get there or the drive to find a way there, it’s exclusive.  But not exclusive like that fancy restaurant or high-priced vacation, only exclusive in that not everyone can make their way there.  But once you are there it is completely inclusive.  No matter if you show up in a john boat or a 30’ center console, a kayak or high-end cabin cruiser, a pontoon boat or the sweetest ski boat built, you can bet you will find a friend when you get there.  You will have help weighing anchor if needed, you will have something to drink or eat if what you brought runs out, and you will be friends with everyone there.   The sandbar is so much more than just a ridge of sand along the shore, its where memories and friends are made.


Who we are.

Sandbar Shirt Company was thought up by two friends who grew up in Southeastern North Carolina.  We both have spent plenty of time enjoying the Sandbars from Topsail Island to Wrightsville Beach. We have come to love the Sandbar, whether just running out and anchoring up for an hour just to get a way for a bit, or loading up the boat with chairs, grills, coolers, and games and spending the whole day on the Sandbar.  There is no better way to relax than the calm waters, the sand, and the sun.  We know that there are so many others like us and know they would love a way to show there own love for the Sandbar, and what better way to do it than a shirt made for the sun, to protect your skin, to dry fast, and decorated with the very place that you love to spend your free time, the Sandbar.  So, Sandbar Shirt Company was born.  Of course, naturally things progressed and there became more offerings than just the SPF50 solar shirts, but that is where it all started, that is how it came to be, and we hope that you will enjoy our product.  We hope that you will share with your friends, that you make it to your own Sandbar, where ever that may be, and that you enjoy your time Somewhere in the Sun.

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